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Throughout 2017/18 the Church is called by Pope Francis for the Synod, and the Australian Bishops for the Year of Youth, to go out to the peripheries and be authentic listeners with young people. This is our greatest opportunity and our greatest challenge.

In his writing, Pope Francis calls us to the geographical and existential peripherals. So what does this look like locally? A great way to get an understanding of your local community is by reviewing statistical information from the Australian Bureau of Statistics and the National Church Life Survey, both facilitated every 5 years. A one stop shop for local Catholic communities is the ACBC Pastoral Research Office (PRO). The PRO website contains geographical parish profiles from across Australia and many other research project materials including ‘What makes people feel they belong’, ‘What mass attendees believe’, ‘Catholics who have ceased attending mass’ and much more. Visit (http://pro.catholic.org.au)

Contacts, Communities and Organisations
When engaging young people, we cannot be limited to those who only work directly with young people in the Church. The whole Church and broader community are invited to engage in the General Synod and Year of Youth. Following are a list of contacts, communities and organisation connected with Church who may be able to assist in reaching beyond our regular limitations.

Parish community 

Various groups 

Catholic Schools

Secondary schools with Yr 11-12 students
Teachers in all schools within the target age group
Associations, e.g. Parents and Friends, etc

State School Chaplaincy networks 

Secondary schools with Yr 11-12 students
Teachers in all schools within the target age group

Universities & Tertiary institutes

Catholic - Notre Dame, ACU, BBI, Campion etc
State and secular institutes
Chaplaincy staff/teams

Catholic Social Services Australia e.g. Centacare / Catholic Care 

Families, vulnerable youth, outreach programs, etc

Catholic Healthcare 

Staff, e.g. young nurses within the target age group
Mental Health Services
Drug and Alcohol program staff and participants

Vocations Offices & Seminaries 

Indigenous Youth & Communities

Ethnic Groups 

Migrants, ethnic chaplains and communities
Refugees and ‘Friends of Refugee’ groups

Social Services and Outreach Organisations

St Vincent De Paul, Marist Youth Care, YourTown (previously Boystown) including Kid’s Helpline, etc, Life Line, etc

Religious Orders and Communities in Australia 

Youth Programs – Ministry and outreach services
Family Ministries
Spiritual Directors

Movements, Ecclesial Communities, Organisations  Focused on evangelisation, community, ministries, family, etc

Diocesan and local ministries Prison chaplaincy – juvenile detention, 
Mission Agencies, Services and their networks

Caritas, Catholic Mission, Catholic Earthcare, etc

Diocesan Communications Directors and Agency Communications Directors  

Invest time in your local community to identify contacts in these areas and other not listed or unique to your area which can assist in reaching out during this time.