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Christ Our Joy

The Year of Youth image is titled Christ our Joy and was painted by artist, Amunda Gorey in Alice Springs.

The image, which will be central to the celebration and prayerful discernment of local Australian communities throughout the Year of Youth, will be unveiled at the Youth Festival. The image is titled Christ our Joy and was painted by artist, Amunda Gorey in Alice Springs.
“The image tells the story of young people in the current landscape of our Australian Church as they journey toward Christ.  It is a story of rich diversity and great joy,” said Malcolm Hart, Director of the Australian Catholic Bishop Conference’s Office for Youth. YoY Release image A6 4 01
Ms Gorey was identified by the Australian Catholic Youth Council for her use of vibrant colour which depicts youthfulness and the joy that is central to the spiritual focus of the Year of Youth. Her previous work has also shown a depth of spirituality that is authentic to our Australian tradition.
Christ our Joy is rich in symbolism, tradition and meaning. It depicts the diversity of young people through the use of varied colour, shaped and sized dots. Some are gathered in communities, others more isolated. Some are closer to God or the cross, others further away. The central figures are Jesus and Mary against a cross. They point to the Resurrection as the source of our Joy. Jesus extends a hand toward his mother Mary, and with her to the Church; with his other hand, he points them all to his Father-God.
“Everyone will see, feel and sense the painting differently. Each is valued as our stories and experiences are different,” Ms Gorey said.
 It is hoped that all communities of faith will find inspiration in this image as they respond to the invitation to a Year of Youth.

Official Description Christ Our Joy
Artist: Amunda Gorey, Alice Springs.

“Let us keep our eyes fixed on Jesus, who leads us in our faith and brings it to perfection: for the sake of the joy which lay ahead of him”
Hebrews 12:2

This image was commissioned for the Australian Catholic Bishops Year of Youth to inspire new horizons for spreading joy.

The central figure of Jesus, risen and glorified, has an arm pointing to God the Father. His other arm reaches toward Mary His Mother, and to the Church, drawing us to Him.

The central pink circle represents the Heart of God. Storylines of different lengths and shapes lead to and from the central Heart of God, representing our differing journeys and pathways to God.

The many dots and circles represent young people and the Church. The size, shapes and colours of the dots are as many and varied as young people, their backgrounds and stories.

Some young people (dots) are sustained around communities through sacrament and the Holy Spirit (water, fire and light). Others may be isolated or distant, closer or further away from the central figures. All are integral to creating one vibrant image of Church.

The Cross extends to the borders of the painting. At its centre is the Heart of God, Jesus and Mary. It reaches all young people, those in communities and those in-between. The Cross breaches the edge of the painting, calling us into the peripheries, to New Horizons.

Everyone will see, feel and sense the image differently. Each interpretation is valued as our stories and experiences are different. Reflect upon and spend time in prayer with the image to develop your own thoughts and inspirations to open new horizons for spreading joy in the Year of Youth.

About the Artist
Amunda Gorey is originally from Santa Teresa and now lives in Alice Springs. You can learn more about Amunda and her artwork on her Facebook page