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It is hoped the ‘Christ Our Joy’ image is used across Australia during the Year of Youth to highlight and inspire the call to open new horizons for spreading joy. Following is a series of free to use images and associated style guide. Requests for high resolution and professional printing of the image require an approval process.

Acknowledgement and Consideration of Indigenous Artwork

Many indigenous artworks are reproduced illegally all over the world with little recognition or compensation being given to indigenous artists. The ACBC Office for Youth takes seriously the acknowledgement and support of indigenous artists and has commissioned the image, purchased the artwork and copyright from the artist directly.

To minimise the distribution of high-resolution images and any unlawful reproduction and sales of this artwork, requests for high-resolution images and reproduction of the image must be submitted in writing to the ACBC Office for Youth (see below).

Wherever the image is used, please acknowledge the artist and copyright holder (see Terms of Use).

Terms of UseChrist Our Joy Dos And Donts
The Christ Our Joy image has been commissioned to promote and draw people into reflection during the Australian Catholic Bishops Conference Year of Youth in 2018. Digital files of the artwork have been supplied for the sole use of Catholic Church communities in Australia for the promotion and prayerful discernment of the Year of Youth 2018 and its goals.

The image cannot be altered, isolated or edited in any way without the express written permission of the ACBC Office for Youth. The image must always be represented at it’s highest qualities (see ‘Christ Our Joy’ Use of Image Form for higher resolution files) and note the artist and copyright holder:

Painted by Amunda Gorey.
Copyright: Australian Catholic Bishops Conference

The use and reproduction of this image is permitted on materials that support the goals of the Year of Youth such as prayer cards, promotional materials (excluding merchandise), reflection programs (not for profit or cost recovery), newsletters, directories, and other such promotional, administrative and reflection materials.

The image is not permitted to be used or reproduced on items for sale, profit or fundraising, without the express written permission of the ACBC Office for Youth.

Any reproduction of the image which falls outside of these Terms of Use or does not have the appropriate permissions will be pursued accordingly.

Local use and Social Media

Following are a series of small ‘Christ Our Joy’ image for local use, sharing on social media/online and not for profit use. These images can be used at no cost. These free to use images will cover most local use requirements for newsletters, social media and website and free prayer cards for the Year of Youth. N.B. All images are supplied as jpeg/png files to ensure the integrity and security of the image.

 Facebook Cover image  Twitter Cover Image  
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Profile Square     A6 image  & A5 Image   
Year of Youth Profile square v2   A6 YoY Release image


 High Resolution and Publication use

For the printing of images over A5 and in publications (not for profit, cost recovering and those for profit) the ACBC Office for Youth requires a simple application form to be completed and submitted to track the distribution and use of high-resolution images.

Please download the ‘Christ our Joy’ Use of Image Form here
Complete and email to resources.youth@catholic.org.au (please allow 14 days for approval).

Use of Image Fees
It is at the discretion of the ACBC Office for Youth to charge a small fee for the supply of high-resolution digital image and reproduction. Any fees collected will offset the cost of the commissioning and purchase of the artwork and will assist in the provision of resources for the Year of Youth.